Freddi Lubitz (Bass, Guitar & Vocal)

Since he was 4 years old FREDDI LUBITZ has been playing music, starting with chimes and a recorder. At the age of six he first started plucking guitar strings, then took classical guitar lessons and discovered his passion for the instrument.

Freddi has been playing in different bands since he was 11. His musical range is enormous, covering everything from pop, rock, ska, blues to disco funk and he is a musical all-rounder – from playing various instruments perfectly to using his classy, lively voice.

As such he has been on stage as the supporting act for artists such as PUR; Christina Stürmer and Mute Math and performed with Stefanie Heinzmann, Sasha, Tom Gaebel, Wyclef Jean, Hartmut Engler, Johnny Logan, Andreas Kümmert, Joseph Parsons, among many others.

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