Anikó Kanthak (Vocal)

ANIKÓ KANTHAK is like a chameleon – so very versatile, she surprises and wins over the audience every time she gets on stage. The first thing one notices, however, is her charm and love for music – her performance is enchanting, touching and irresistible.
“Sometimes you have to decide between something really close-by and really far away,” says ANIKÓ. “Ganz nah“ (Really Close) is the name of her project. The singer’s voice is fantastic and praised in jazz circles for being “absolutely exceptional“.
ANIKÓ has performed with stars such as Jamie Cullum & Xavier Naidoo and composed the film scores for “Jungle Child” and “Poll“. When she is on stage, for example with “Tony Mony“ and his 1Live-Comedy-Show – her energy fairly brings down the house.

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