Deborah Lee | KKCB guest singer

Sängerin Deborah Lee

DEBORAH LEE began taking piano lessons at the age of five, twelve years of classical training, “at one point I concentrated on singing, and then it came little by little – the first school band, hoofing it from city to city, the first tour”.

The half-Korean singer from Mannheim recounts her story in a very refreshing manner, “I was singing background, also for Carl Wayne, the former singer of the Hollies, who has unfortunately passed away in the meantime. This was the first experience I had singing with a star, an incredible singer. He had a lot of experience, recorded every song at the first take.” The ‘old-stager‘ gave her a few tips along the way, “Wayne did not make any recommendations per se,“ says Deborah, “he just said, ‘Girl, do your thing. You will find your way, you have to gain your own experience‘.”

DEBORAH is currently working on her album, but she truly loves to perform live before an audience.

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